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01 ottobre 2012

Altran Italia Technology Review n° 8

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Copertina e Sommario


Let Us Go On - Ideas More and More Make the Difference 

Luca Paolo Bolognini


Ing. Stefano Liuzzo *, Ing. Alessandra Suardi** *Altran Italia TEM Industry; ** Indesit Company

No-frost refrigerator temperatures regulation with variable speed compressors

In the last years a great interest has been rising in new technologies  development aiming at reducing power consumption and/or allowing a better control of it.

This article gives a brief introduction to the project, developed in Indesit Company with the collaboration of  Altran Italia,  which aims at the realization of a new no-frost refrigerator compartment temperature control system. With such a system, based on continuous regulation of a variable speed compressor and fan, benefits such as reduced power consumption, improved temperature regulation as well as noise reduction are expected. In particular, the physical characteristics of a refrigerator system and its relevant actuators are described together with the design activities, the main characteristics of the resultant control algorithm and, finally, some experimental results.