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03 October 2011

Altran Italia Technology Review issue 7

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Cover and Summary
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Sustainability: a Challenge for Innovation and Growth 

Luca Paolo Bolognini


Davide Manzoni, MSE - Federico Bollati, MSE

Smart Grid Applications for Energy Efficiency

Scope of this paper is to describe some smart grid applications, which can be applied for energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions, as required by European laws.

EU has very challenging targets, regarding greenhouse gas emission, in order to achieve its energy independence. Every country, including Italy, is developing its own system of rules in order to boost energy efficiency, renewables and CO2 reduction.

Beside legal commitment, technologies applied to Electronics, Telecom and IT can give their contribution to control and monitor the whole energy flow, from production, through transmission, until end-use. At present, they are becoming "killer applications", protagonists of future nergy grids: in other words we are going towards the direction of a real "smart grid".

This article describes three applications of smart grid technologies, at different levels, that can increase energy efficiency:
• Smart Energy at House scale with AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure);
• Smart Energy at "Large Building" scale, with remote control for heating and cooling;
• Smart Energy at District" scale (public lighting, small Combined Heat & Power and district heating).