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01 June 2011

Altran Italia Technology Review issue 6

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Cover and Summary
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Seeking Hidden Dimensions

Luca Paolo Bolognini


Stefano Merli

New Fixed-Mobile Convergence Scenarios to Sustain the Network Operator's "Next Generation Access Network" Rollout Business Case

Since early years 2000, Network Operators have been having the Network Convergence on their “to do” agenda. It is basically the possibility to deliver telecommunication services independently of the access networks and of the user terminals.

Different reasons have jeopardized the implementation of Network Convergence solutions, particularly the large investments needed for network infrastructure upgrades, against unclear ROI figures, as well as separated Operators’ Fixed/Mobile business models and organization structures.

This paper reports about innovative, IP based, network solutions, to transport Iu/Iub1 radio mobile networks interfaces. These solutions may mitigate the issue of infrastructural investments and offer, to Network Operators, new ways for delivering data services seamlessly, through the mobile and fixed access networks.

Finally, the presented technology scenario may further sustain the Network Operators’ business case for investments in Fiber Optic Next Generation Access Network (NGAN), since it could also be used, particularly in the METRO area, as an effective alternative to present Backhauling and Mobile Data 3G/4G Radio Access Networks.