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The flagship magazine of Altran Group, published in France and translated in english language.

Dossier, insights about areas activities where work Altran, Altitude provides an overview for every Country. Patents, inventions and technological breakthroughs “made by Altran”, all flows in Altitude, that from 2004, year in which won like international magazine Ujjef Prize and Grand Prix de la création, is published two times per year.

Like Altran Italia Magazine, Altitude speaks to stakeholder, Customers and Altran Italia employees.

Issue 30

Altitude, Altran's science and technology magazine

IN THE LABS / New materials that drive us forward

Faced with new economic and environmental challenges, the transport sector is placing its hopes in new materials with extraordinary qualities

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New materials for the fighter jet of the future

IN THE KNOW / Electric cars: gaining speed

As the fight against global warming continues to make headlines, electric cars – silent and non-polluting – have serious strengths. Increasingly powerful, they seem poised to drive traditional combustion engines  out of our cities

280,000 electric car sales worldwide in 2014

IN THE LOOP / Massey Ferguson and Altran are sowing the seeds of innovation

AGCO Corporation and its worldwide brand of agricultural and tractor equipment, Massey Ferguson, have always been one step ahead of the market. To help them design and develop the ‘cab of the future’, they called on Altran