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14 March 2017

Altran Italy at Innova©tion Day 2017

Next 17 March Altran Italy will take part in Rome at the second edition of INNOVA©TION DAY, a corporate festival organized by Renault Italy at its headquarters in Rome (Via Tiburtina, 1159). The event, entirely dedicated to the theme of innovation, will see the participation of companies, organizations and individuals who have distinguished themselves in this area. 

It’s a unique day, innovative even in the method it was designed; it will be implemented in Renault’s business environment with the collaboration of a group of employees of different companies and with Renault’s consultants. These, through a continuous self-training that lasted over a year, have come to conceive and help organize a business event that will be of great impact. 

Altran Italy will contribute to the event with videos in which it will show its innovative solutions created for its automotive sector customers and with a demo of products from Virtual Innovation Center in Turin, focused on the realization of an app of Augmented Reality, which makes users to visualize a Renault Clio in scale 1:1 using their own smartphone or tablet (OS Android). Donato Iannielli, Techical Unit Manager, Riccardo Aversa, Senior Consultant, Silvia Mercandino, Key Account Manager and Altran Italy Consultants working on Renault’s project will participate at the event as representatives of Altran.

During the morning there will be a showroom dedicated to startups and various projects developed by the group and by those companies that, with their products, are changing the way we live our life. There will be the possibility in experimenting everyday activities that happen during a 24-hour day, through new innovative methods.
In the afternoon, there will be a show dedicated to innovation and to "the Ring", a fun and fast mode moderated by an arbiter to compare innovators that start from positions "apparently" opposed to each other. 

Altran Italy has also included ParkSmart in the event, it won the 2014 Prize of the Altran Foundation for Innovation in Italy. 

Park Smart aims to solve the problem of finding parking in a selected area in the city, sending to the user information in real-time about the availability of the stalls. The system uses the physical infrastructure of video sensors, also that already present in an area, to process images and provide information about the state of occupation of the parking lots to a smartphone application or navigator. The system is based on a software that, thanks to a proprietary algorithm, detects the presence of seats occupied/vacant, roadway edge and/or in the parking area, and records it in a matrix. 

For more information on INNOVA©TION DAY 2017: