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Our Project References

Agility: a private Swiss bank

Objectives: Update of the contract and quality reference to be able to launch and manage fixed mode IT services projects.  


  • Documentation validated by law departments
  • Reference adapted to the project management in scrum
  • Taking into account the contractual evolution needs without getting under way an amendment process 
  • Clarification of the agile governance of projects

IT Security: Optimisation of the operational IT security management for a French governmental organisation

Analysis of the current IT security activities situation and writing of an action plan to cover all the group activities.


  • Analysis of the current IT security activities situation 
  • Writing of an action plan to cover all the group activities
  • Budget planning
  • Caring and follow-up of the realisation of action plans 
  • Study on a possible service centre to implement the planned actions


  • Improvement of the operational IT security coverage
  • Consideration of the new group activities
  • Auditability of the processes and activities implemented (for the renewal of ISO 27001 and for internal and external audits)
  • Development of a common understanding  

EA (Enterprise Architecture) in Telecoms & Media

Implementation of a framework for services platforms conception (Magellan)


  • Practices standardisation Use cases modelling, functional and technical architectures
  • Integration of the model within the project ecosystem
  • Deliverables review and rewriting



  • Full architecture definition, selection of the tools
  • Full process definition
  • Development of Magellan frame of reference
  • Implementation in Orange ecosystem (in France and Europe)
  • Implementation of customer support services

BI (Business Intelligence) in Telecom e Media

Opinion Monitoring su lancio di una nuova piattaforma di connettività


Generate reports useful to control the customer experience in relation to the quality apparatus operator Station.


  • Simple and intuitive GUI
  • Ability to drill up to a single message


ECM (Enterprise Content Management) in the Pharmaceutical industry

Upgrade and Process Enhancement of the company's CRM

Complete upgrade of the Siebel system from R 7.5 to 8.1.1


  • Assurance of Future System Operation and Maintenance
  • Process and System Simplification
  • Establishing Customer Centric Marketing
  • Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Processes



  •    Higher User Acceptance of 1,500 users
  • Better compatibility to the Oracle standard
  • Use more effective marketing channels
  • Support business workflows by CRM 

IT Governance in the Banking industry

IT Strategy and operating model definition - Private banking


  • Organisational processes design
  • Definition of clear roles, responsibilities and actions
  • Improve the operational activities maturity and efficiency



  • Support in the reach of CMMI Level 2 at central level and several departments impacting 1,500 people 
  • Definition and publication of IT Governance processes