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Country Focus: SURF

What's the project?

According to Italian law, gas and power companies are called to collect consumption tax by end users  on behalf of public administration. This legal requirements entails the computation and presentation of the annual fiscal report of consumption and payments to tax authorities.

Altran has turned a legal requirements into an opportunity for the Client: thanks to SURF (Soluzione Unica Rendicontazione Fiscale, the italian for Unique Solution for Fiscal Reporting) it’s possible to manage in an integrated and efficient way the computation of fiscal reports, the excise accounting and cash flows to the public administration. SURF also allows the Client to highlight credits earned with its deadlines and to monitor billing process and accounting activities.

The excellence in IT and business consulting is merged with a deep knowledge of the legal framework and tax law, to support Clients  in fulfilling, quickly and effectively, their obligations by providing an all around IT services and process consulting.

Implemented solution

SURF is a multi company and dual fuel web app, easy to integrate with the Client's applications pool (billing systems , accounting systems and CRM ) and external systems (home banking, customs agency), based on .NET technology and Oracle database.

Client’s benefit

SURF is constantly updated on the basis of current tax law and allows the Client to:

  • Generate annual fiscal  reports of consumption both in electronic and printable format
  • Interface with many billing systems and make the activities of import and control throughout the whole year and distribute the workload
  • Analyze registry and turnover data with specific reports and explore the data base using drill-down tools
  • View old annual fiscal reports of consumption historicised in the system
  • Check in detail billing process, annual fiscal reports and excise accounting, linking to Client’s accounting system or ERP.
  • Manage excise accounting and credit relationship with Agenzia delle Dogane and other tax authorities
  • Make payments using C.B.I and SEPA flux standard and create accounting entry
  • Communicate to financial administration changes in customer base and send letters to communicate the start of activity to the provinces

The application is customizable on specific Client’s requirements and in-house installations or outsourcing are supported.


During these years Altran has become leader in IT and business consulting on natural gas and electric energy consumption tax.


Altran promotes an assessment program with no cost for new Clients to analize the tax accounting in order to help sales company to recover any receivables due from tax authorities, as well as to verify the correctness of the annual fiscal reports already done.