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Country Focus: ARGON

What's the project?

Argon idea born in Energetic market environment, a very complicated area and constantly evolving, interested by a gradual liberalization, distinguished by a changing legal framework and an increasing competition.

In this environment stands solution created by Altran named “Argon”, devoted to the companies that sell Gas and Energy, and born after experiences riped in other important custom projects.

Argon offers maximum flexibility, main requirement to encounter the changing in market scenario.

It is structured by modules integrated each other and it can include itself in existing heterogeneous systems also made by components of third parts. Functional aspects are completely managed: CRM (Marketing – Selling – Order Management), logistic, billing, metering, reporting, logging, customers portal.


Implemented solution

Argon is a web platform, multi-society and dual fuel, easily integrable with applicative systems of customer and external systems, available by browser, its access point is an authentication home page that required Username and Password. It is based on 3-tier technological architecture: Web application GWT (web interface), Business Logic – Java (Mid tier), Business Logic – Oracle (Data Layer).


Client’s benefit

Argon Modules integrated each other, can be used singly and have an open interface for integration with other systems. They can be also easily set up referring to specific requirements, reducing maintenance and development costs.


CRM module offers:

  • system to manage contacts/prospect,Campaignes and negotiations
  • order Management system
  • complete visibility of customer main information with the possibility to plan and register collections into the system, to manage deposits and to control customer’s accounting statement.
  •   provisioning system
  • ticketing system (observing TIQV rule)


BILLING module offers:

  • expenditures management (algorithm outlining and extimation developing)
  • pricing system
  • Bill Calculation & Invoicing system
  • Credit management (starlings, credit note, debit note, thresholds billing)

METERING module allows:

  • measures and readings acquisition
  • data qualitative check
  • data revision and appraisal

CUSTMERS PORTAL module guarantees:

  •  “Direct” contact with customer, observing transaparency in communications from and to customer.

PROTOCOLS module allows:

  • Logging of every document type, using the automatic function, allowing its management by workflow. Documentary system, with full-text research, offers also the possibility to scan published documents, considering text in attached files.

REPORTING module allows:

  • Report definition by parameterized extractions

ADMIN module manages:

  • User profiling
  • Processes scheduling using an exercize consolle

ARGON offers a service of “legislative observatory” that reports changing in legistation with impact on gas and electric energy commodity billing, and gives its appreciation. With customer, the Observatory examins optimal solution of system updating according with rules fixed by legistation and rules due to operational requirements of selling company.