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The role of the consultant

Altran's consultants offer customers innovative solutions. They help them either with the development of new products, services and processes or the improvement of existing ones. Depending on their experience, consultants intervene at different levels. The main are: Research & Development, Project Management and Contract Management. As engineers specialized in innovative technologies, our consultants provide cutting edge solutions to the proposed challenges.

The work of a consultant ranges from the realization of the products, to the improvement of processes, services and production techniques of our customers. It achieves this through a detailed analysis of the business context and thanks to knowledge of the most innovative methods. As a consultant, you will be involved in finding innovative solutions to highly complex problems. 

The Altran consultants work for our customers, they collaborate with the managers, team leaders and project managers. Furthermore, their role may evolve in line with expectations and individual skills.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for either undergraduates or post-graduates (Master's degree) in engineering, sciences and economics with good knowledge of English, ability to solve problems, make decisions and work in groups.



Group spirit and customer focus

Our consultants work in teams on various projects (either in-house or on-site). They are coordinated by a senior consultant who supports them in the growth and development of new skills. The experience of Altran, which operates in several market sectors and across multiple areas of expertise, results in an multidisciplinary and highly technological offer, which focuses on meeting the specific needs of our customers. 

Our consultants may be involved in activities that range from technical support to the management of a project and even its organization. They may have different levels of intervention and responsibilities in terms of quality control, verification of results, cost planning and meeting deadlines.

Major career opportunities

Our consultants can benefit from a wide range of opportunities and exercise their professionalism in the group's divisions, with different levels of involvement and responsibility, which may vary from very technical expertise to project management, coordination of the project's team and commercial development.


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