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Personalized program

Immediately after hiring, Altran offers to all new employees a personalized integration program aimed at deepening the knowledge of the Group, its assets, business processes and internal opportunities for growth and development.

The integration period lasts four months and includes four steps:

  • Welcome:  On your first day at work, you will be welcomed by your manager. During the first week you will follow (by e-learning) the Welcome Easy Guide, which will improve your knowledge about key organizational information. Moreover, you will be able to read and download key documents and give a solid start to your integration into Altran Italy.
  • Tutoring is at the heart of the integration process as it facilitates your integration in the company. You will be shadowed by a tutor with whom you will share values, processes, methods and tools
  • Training: shortly after your start, you will take part in a "blended" training course, which aims at helping you learn about the entire company. This course will facilitate your active and independent involvement in corporate life.
  • Goal setting: as part of the performance management process, you will meet your manager with whom you will discuss the set of skills required for your position and define your professional goals for the current year.



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