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Multiple opportunities within a structured career path

While Altran expects its consultants to provide its clients with a high level of commitment, the Group is also aware of its own commitment to provide its staff with opportunities for both personal and professional development.

The goal of Altran's human resources strategy is to foster loyalty and reward talent. Our aim is to give our staff innovative opportunities, which will allow them to continue to learn and progress to each stage in their career as part of an organised path.

Altran Annual Appraisal

Through the definition of a "career path" shared internationally, career opportunities and enrichment of skills are offered to  Altran Innovation Makers, on the basis of a common framework  to all the countries where Altran operates.

We are bearers of a STEADY INNOVATION: our performance management system, called AAA - Altran Annual Appraisal, acts by promoting an approach of people valuation, based on the consolidation and continuous development of skills and talent, pointing to growth towards excellence.

The model of business skills: General Skills and Expertise Skills

Altran has adopted a corporate competency model  that aims at:

- identifying skills, knowledge and abilities needed by  people in each of job  roles provided by the organization;

- defining expected levels, for each of the skills as each specific role requires.

 The skills system adopted includes two  types of skills: General Skills and Expertise Skills.

The General Skills are common to all professional families and differ depending on specific  levels in each job role. They are soft skills, essential to everyone to act as their professionalism requires:

The Expertise Skills, classified as Project, Business, Management and Technology, are present in different combination in the individual job of our Career Path.

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