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Official Engineering partner

Creating a plane that can fly day and night without any energy other than the sun: mission accomplished

Christian Le Liepvre, Head of the Solar Impulse Partnership at Altran

"In 2003, joining the Solar Impulse project was more than just a challenge for Altran because it meant inventing a solar plane. The Group believed in the potential for innovation and creativity that would arise from the meeting of experts driven by the same ideal of excellence. The main challenge was to accompany the project to its conclusion: creating a plane that would fly day and night using only solar energy. Altran believed that the impossible could be achieved, and the project teams succeeded. Today, the mission and ambition of Altran remain the same: to contribute to taking up the new challenges facing the Solar Impulse plane and to go beyond the impossible in order to make the virtual world a reality and to open new horizons". 


A technological and human adventure

Bertrand Piccard e André Borschberg con l'HB-SIA

At the origin of the partnership between Altran and Solar Impulse was the meeting of a revolutionary concept and enthusiasts keen to be a part of it. The two parties decided to pool their expertise in order to demonstrate the huge potential of renewable energies. And so one of the most ambitious human and technological adventures of the 21st century was born.

Altran, the global leader in innovation consulting, was a partner from the very outset, joining the Solar Impulse adventure as early as 2003. As an official partner alongside Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg and their teams, it began the process of meeting the day-to-day objectives of Solar Impulse thanks to the work of the Altran experts.

Altran, official engineering partner

Play Mission Altran to live the Solar Impulse Experience