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31 May 2011

Stopover in Brussels

With Europe conquest, essential stopovers are added to historic flights, in the aim to spread Solar Impulse message. The success of Brussels week during the Green Week opens the way to other stopovers with a lot of events.

Solar Impulse and partners’ teams perfectly transformed a huge empty hangar into a warm reception room to receive groups of guests. During this week, Altran Belgium organized two events about Solar Impulse.

Sandra Oberhollenzer - Pascal Laffineur e Bertrand Piccard

Tuesday lunch (May 24, 2011) was reserved for best clients of Altran Belgium entity. To the program: André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard speeches (co-founders of Solar Impulse project), Sandra Oberhollenzer presentation (Altran expert – project management), breakfast buffet… everything was there to make guests discover this revolutionary project and Altran support. “Clients can thus discover the extent of Altran activities” states Pascal Laffineur (Co-Executive Director Altran Belgium).

Bertrand Piccard - Philippe Lauper - André Borschberg

On Friday (May 27, 2011) we gathered experts who came with their clients, and a student selection as potential candidates for Altran. After an interactive presentation of the project by Philippe Lauper (Altran expert – flights logistics), the two Solar Impulse founders had a speech about their vision and experience of the project while emphasizing Altran part. This conference was directly broadcasting in three Belgium universities, which widened again the message impact.

Pascal Laffineur - Emmanuel Mottrie

The different guests were delighted by those meetings and Emmanuel Mottrie (Co-Executive Director Altran Belgium) quotes that “Bertrand and André are telling us an amazing story that became a true adventure”. “Solar Impulse is a project that affects us not only professionally but also personally, which considerably extends the scope of action” adds Pascal Laffineur.

Congratulations to Altran Belgium and Solar Impulse communication teams for those events!