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Cristina Biagi - Senior Expert on Solar Impulse for safety and security

Cristina Biagi - Altran expert on Solar Impulse for Security and Safety

Cristina Biagi

 “I have the great opportunity to work on the safety aspects of Solar Impulse with Luigi Ferriero and Matteo Bartolini. My mission is to monitor and oversee the technical aspects of the HB-SIB safety analyses. Such analyses are of major importance to ensure the safety of the pilot and of the overflown areas and are required by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation in Switzerland to obtain the permit to fly.

I think the biggest challenge Solar Impulse has to face is to fly all day and night long, using only solar energy, while keeping as a number one priority the pilot safety. This challenge will become even more demanding during the round-the-world tour when the plane won’t stop flying for several days. I’m not able to drive such a plane but if it would have been a two-seater plane I would have loved to be the co-pilot.”