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Organizational Model 231/2001

Inspired by values of transparency, fairness and loyalty, Altran Italia adopted the model of organization, management and control of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, which is an  "tailored" organizational system for our Company, aiming at preventing the commission of crimes related to internal  activities.
This tool is part of a whole new legal framework for the Italian legal system that, through the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, has adapted to certain international conventions about  liability of legal entities.

This initiative is part of a wider project by Altran Italia, to havecontinuous improvement process capable of enhancing the existing intangible assets and the network of relationships with its stakeholders.

Altran Italia, with the adoption of the Model 231, has established a organization  to verify and control the functioning and observance of the Model: This is the Supervisory Body (SB).

The Supervisory Board is responsible for enforcing all company procedures and to receive any warning  regarding non-compliance and violation, real or suspected, of such procedures and any information concerning the commission of crimes.

The Supervisory Board, which operates completely independently referring only to the Board of Directors of Altran Italia, is composed of three members: two outside the Company, Avv. David Terracina (President) and Avv. Tommaso Politi, and one member inside the Company, Dr. Biagino Costanzo (who resigned temporarily on May, 8th 2017 because this role was incompatible with his membership of Altran Italia’s Board of Directors).

Organisational, management and control model D. Decree 231/2001 of Altran Italia: