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Altran Italia corporate governance consists of customs affecting the way people direct, administer and control the company addressing compliance and fair competition.
Altran Italia board of directors includes five executive members.

Audit and accounting activities are beyond the scope of the board of statutory auditors and a global advisory service.

Altran Italia Compliance office is responsible for overseeing and managing compliance issues within the organization, it reports to the Board of Directors, and can operate in heavily regulated industries such as Defense and Healthcare, it leads enterprise compliance efforts, designing and implementing internal controls, policies and procedures to assure compliance with applicable local, state and international laws and regulations and third party guidelines, managing audits and investigations into regulatory and compliance issues, responding to requests for information from regulatory bodies.

Following the application of the legislative decree of 8 June 2001, n. 231, which introduced for the first time the concept of "administrative responsibility" for companies, Altran Italia, in line with its pursuit of a style of management based on loyalty in all aspects of its operations, approved its organizational, management and control Model in line with the actual national regulations. 

Board of Directors
Model of Organization 231/2001